How much notice do you take of ads?

@owlwings (39750)
Cambridge, England
November 28, 2008 11:00am CST
We are constantly bombarded with advertisements where ever we go (whether its the Internet, TV, the movies, newspapers or magazines or in the street. I believe that I am nearly blind to them but, of course, I still see them (and sometimes admire the pretty pictures before I realise they are trying to sell me something!) How do you react to ads? Are you one of those who 'views' them for pennies with not a thought of buying anything? If you are, how often do you actually succumb and look for a moment at what it's selling? If you read magazines (especially women's magazines) how often do you find yourself influenced by the ads ... maybe not to the extent of buying (I find that what they are selling is stupidly beyond my budget!)? Do you think that ads have changed your goals? Made you want more than you really need? If you work in advertising, I'm sorry if I sound a little cynical! I'd love to know what the challenges are in that industry today. I imagine that one increasingly has to know just what pushes people's buttons!
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@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
3 Dec 08
I do think that adverts influence our mind and what we buy. If not big companies would not be wasting their money on adverts on tv, radio and newspapers. It is amazin how a toddler who does not know how to read and write properly can recognize the MacDonadls outlet sign. Yes I do believe that even if we try not to allow adverts to influence us, they finally do at the back of our mind.© ronaldinu 2008
• United States
29 Nov 08
I have to deal only with those on the internet..since I got rid of my TV..for how long I don't know.. and I don't read newspapers or magazines.. But those that are on the internet I think I pretty much overlook or block from my thought process..I may see them but I have grown accustomed to just moving on without giving them mcuh thought