Do you ask people what they want?

November 28, 2008 1:49pm CST
Do you ask people what they want for christmas? Or do you just surprise them? I like to ask people,as whilst it i nice to surprise them,I would like to know that I got them something they actually wanted and that I hadn't got it wrong. What about you?
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@jackiew (915)
• Canada
29 Nov 08
A good way of doing this,is just ask them to write a couple of things down that they would like to have.You can pick one of their choices to buy.It will still be a surprise for them because they will not know which one you bought.
29 Nov 08
thats a good idea! :)
@meow1978 (191)
• Malaysia
28 Nov 08
I will try to get a hint what people wants. I will not directly ask what they wanted for Christmas. Surprises will always be better. Even though the gift is not attractive, but the thought that count. Who do not like to received gift especially a surprise gift. I still get ideas how to give more surprises to my friends during this Christmas...
28 Nov 08
coolio :)
@spalladino (17924)
• United States
28 Nov 08
I usually ask for suggestions, too, since I want the people I buy gifts for to be happy with what I give them. It's not too hard with the grandkids since they always have a looooong list but my husband is pretty hard to buy for and he never has any suggestions to help me.
28 Nov 08
thats annoying isn't it, you say "what do you want?" and they say "oh, I don't know" its like "well damn well think of something!"
• New Zealand
28 Nov 08
The second one. I love to surprise others. Mostly I buy gifts only for my family members. I know what they want. But I won't actually ask them. But I want to make sure they are happy with the gift they receive. Thats the most important thing. One can only imagine that they are going to surprise the peoples with their gift. But you have to make sure they will be surprised with the gift. I know my peoples very well, what exactly they expect, what kind of stuffs they like. I was been surprising them for many years, and I believe I could surprise them with my gifts this year as well.
28 Nov 08
at least you are good at it!