Have you worn Glue-On Fingernails?

United States
November 29, 2008 10:31pm CST
Fake Fingernails - Here is my hand with fake Glue-On Fingernails. 
Medium Length French Manicure.
I tried the Glue-On Fingernails... The French Manicure medium length ones. They looked really nice, and most of them stayed on really good. A few started to come loose and I re-glued them. They stayed on through everything I did for a couple weeks. BUT.... They were so hard to take off! And they really messed up my real nails. I had to take them off because my real nails started growing and you could see where the fake ones started, AND they were getting dirty. I had to cut my real nails shorter than the shortest they would go! And all the glue wouldn't come off. My real nails are so short and ugly now I almost wanted to glue more fake ones over top of them! But I'm afraid to do it again. But I felt so good when they were on. Everyone thought they were real, and I got many compliments on them. Have you ever tried them? If so, is there an easier way to get them off? I soaked them FOREVER in Acetone Nail Polish Remover.