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United States
November 30, 2008 12:31am CST
Not sure if there are any SizzleFizzle members here on mylot..but if so... has anybody noticed how the numbers of New Contests has gone WAAAy down? i realize the site is in Beta mode (still) you think this is a sign of the end? man i hope not! i love this site and im able to earn enough to cash out every month! well actually not this month, considering that tomorrow is the final day and today there were only like 5 contests open to another round of voting. im about 50 cents from making the payout min...and if tomorrow is like today, its not going to happen! i though it was because not enough members were creating contests, but i created a few and none so far have been posted to the board. anybody have an "news" about the site, especially since the forum is dead...
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@onlydia (2808)
• United States
30 Nov 08
I have no idea as I can bairly keep up with this and my survey's and I don't do them most of the time as I really enjoy coming here. Your friend onlydia
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