Mostly by how much time you go into sleep 10 mins 20mins,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

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@sindhu88 (306)
November 30, 2008 4:21am CST
I go into sleep with in ten minutes.In rare cases that too during exams i find sleeping late due to tension .I easily go into sleep and enjoy that. How about in how much time u go into sleep?
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@kaka135 (14130)
• Malaysia
1 Dec 08
Well, it depends. Usually I can fall asleep within 10 minutes. But sometimes when I am too awake, it just takes me more time to sleep. Usually, I'm a person who easily fall asleep and enjoy sleeping.
@kunking (1116)
• China
1 Dec 08
Hii,sindhu! i think it depends....i will fall asleep as soon as possible if i were very tired for example after having a football match or walking all the day ..ect. kinds of things will make everyone fall asleep quickly i believe...but in general, i guess i will falll asleep in half an hour each day ..i donn't know whether its accurate or not....i will find very difficult to get sleep when i have somethings to worry about.. or when i get too excited before going to bed..haha..i think most guys will be the same...have a nice day and happy mylotting!
• India
1 Dec 08
i go into sleep the very moment i go to bed.i never got nightmares and always enjoyed an undisturbed sleep.but i would like to have a few nightmares every now and then that might make sleeping a good experience.and for you its most important during exams to have nice deep forget everything when you go to bed.
@drannhh (15241)
• United States
1 Dec 08
I am usually asleep before I have time to finish the sentence. By that I mean that I might want to think about something for a bit in the quiet of the night before dropping off, but I never get past the first part of the thought. Zzzzzzz.
• Canada
30 Nov 08
Personally I have a sleeping disorder :( I'm constantly being bombarded by nightmares and I really don't find sleeping nice.