Have you ever seen your own blog post posted on another blog?

November 30, 2008 5:08am CST
I did notice my content being "ripped off" when I had this very first blog. This blog was hosted in the free Wordpress.com platform. As I began to add more and more posts in my blog, I eventually noticed that there are some blogs (splogs?) that try to get the first few words of my post, then link back to mine. I did not do anything to it though. But I've seen other writers fuming about it. Have you ever experienced this before? What did you do when your content was copied?
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13 Dec 08
As far as I know, my blog posts have only been copied two or three times, but that's always been with full attribution by fellow bloggers who have agreed with what I've been saying, so that's actually quite nice. I don't think anyone has ever just copied my rants and passed them off as their own work, but then again my blog doesn't have a particularly wide readership to start with.
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30 Nov 08
hi! i experienced that so many times, i already lost count. even my published magazine articles find their way to other people's blogs. i would be amazed if i find out they typed the whole thing. yeah, they leave my byline intact but it's still not right to just post something without the author's permission. unfortunately, there are people using the internet who think it's okay to copy other people's original content. it's a shame they are too lazy to call on their inner voices and create their own entries :( try putting a copyscape banner on your blog. that site makes it easy to trace and compare similar entries to yours.