would like to hear from anyone who has been on atkins diet

@mikeysmom (2092)
United States
December 1, 2008 1:08pm CST
i have tried everything to lose weight but cravings and stress keep bringing me down. i have decided to give an old diet a try again as i hear so many people swear by it and say that they actually lose weight and keep it off as long as they watch their carb intake. i would love to hear your opinions if you have tried this diet.
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18 Jun 11
I used the induction phase of the Atkin's diet to lose weight before a formal event and it worked because I stuck very strictly (which was difficult) to under 20 grams of carbs per day and followed the suggestions outlined in the book. I lost approximately 10 lbs in the 2 week phase and looked great for my event (I'm not terribly overweight.) I did not, however, continue with the other phases of the diet after my formal event. As a result, I began eating as I did before I started the pre-event diet. The bounceback from the low weight actually caused me to gain more weight than I lost while I was on the diet. These results, however, are personal. I didn't stick to the rest of the diet after the initial 2 week induction phase, and that probably affected my results. I am currently looking at alternative diets and exercise plans for my weight loss needs.
• Norway
1 Dec 08
hi! i have a friend at my former work, who's been using atkins diet or this low carb diet, and it really works. He had lost a lot of weight and i can really see the difference on his body. He used to be chubby, with his face bulging on the sides, but then suddenly, he became fit. It was really a hard work for him since we, filipinos, eat rice thrice in a day. But then, it paids off because the result is awesome. Actually, I wanted to try it before - downloaded articles, tips and those plan diets, but i end up, not trying it because I love foods with carbs.. Actually, dieting.. its just a matter of self discipline or how you can control yourself from the urge of eating something that should not be.