Are dreams relative to real life?

@tklich (391)
United States
December 1, 2008 9:23pm CST
Three or four nights ago I had a couple dreams that seemed to run back to back to each other. First I dreamt I was in an elevator, I wasn't by myself but I couldn't see who was with me. But all of a sudden the elevator was plumeting down the shaft. The dream ended before it hit the bottom. After that I dreamt I was with my parents in their SUV and we were rolling down a hill. Again, I can't remember much of it, like a lot of my dreams, but that's the main thing I remember. Then a couple nights ago I had a dream that my son and I were still living with my parents, but I was packing bags of all our belongings and sneaking them out to my car. For some reason I didn't want my mom to know, and I remember having in my mind that we were running away and we were going to be living out of my car. Does anyone know why we dream what we do? Does any part of our dreams relate to our real life, or maybe something that happened earlier in the day? Maybe it's not something obvious, because obviously I'm not going to run away (lol), but maybe something more metaphorical, something that isn't so obvious. But I guess the main thing I'm looking for that is concerning me is why I had two dreams, that seemed pretty much back to back, that had to do with my death and my dying. If anyone could shed some light on this subject, any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much.
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• China
3 Dec 08
I guess so, but not all of the dreams are relative to real life. Some times we may have a strong urge to get something but can't in real life, but we may have it in our dream as a result. Though that's not true but we may feel released anyway. I think so. Haha... this sounds like a dream, yes?
@tklich (391)
• United States
4 Dec 08
Thank you for the response. I hope you're right in saying that not all dreams are related to real life. Although not all the dreams I've been having are necessarily something I want or want to happen! LOL. But I know dreams are developed from something, I just don't know where they originate from, or why. It's just very odd that I have been having so many dreams lately, they have been long and very vivid and detailed. Anyways, thank you for the input!
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
3 Dec 08
I was taught that many dreams are related to real life. In my religion dreams are divided into three categories. 1) Dreams that come from the self. This is similar to the ideas put forward by modern day psychoanalysts. These are the dreams that come from our desires or something that has been occupying our minds. These include having an intimate contact with someone we desire. 2) Dreams that come from the devil. Nightmares and other horrifying dreams fall under this category. 3) Dreams that come from God These are dreams which later proved to be true. Dreaming of going downhill or falling down is not a good sign. It means falling into some hardship which is related to the severity of the fall. In your case it was only rolling down a hill. - rosdimy -