nine by eleven for india.

blast and explosion - blast from the past
@MKBORA (80)
December 2, 2008 10:17am CST
once again the enemy of the peace, brotherhood and mankind succeed in their cruel intention... well i hope most of my friends are aware of the situation that we indian are going through. its very tough to deal with a situation like this, but everything is under control now (can we say that yet?). but in situation like this, now everyoe is blaming one another, the politicion - we citizen - the media. and its really very disturbing when we watch it all over again and again on our t.v. repeatedly in all news chaneel from past 4-5 days. of course the heroic act of the police officers and other people involved in the rescue is unforgetable, and i salute them again and again. but what should one do in a situation like this, when nothing is our hand?? mearly a spectator, or just blog away our burning words of anger??? how can the ultimate peace be achieved? well i believe that still there is hope. the peace of the world lays on the hands of its inhabitant. and if we all are together, then the ultimate goal of peace and brotherhood will come, very soon... because not all days are same, for sure.
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• United States
2 Dec 08
I am not shur what your country is going through for shur, but i am sorry! trully! i wish everybody could come to peace with one another ! LIKE THEY SAY IF EVERYONE CARED! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!
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@MKBORA (80)
• India
13 Dec 08
well thank you for replying... and i m sure that this time sumething will happen for sure... for all the good reason whole world is with us and this time the terroist can not escape...
@inder86 (566)
• Gibraltar
2 Dec 08
i really don't know what was in the mind of those terrorist. all i know is that we will still oppose them. either they must come out clearly with aim and tell us what made them do this or they must stop.
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