did you ever experience writing in a short time?

December 2, 2008 11:12pm CST
my teacher in expository writing once told us to write anything that comes in our mind in just 3 minutes and then you'll not mind whether the sentences are correct or not..i feel so stress doing this activity but it feels so comfortable upon completing the activity
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3 Dec 08
I've never been able to do this. My partner can do that whole 'train of thought' thing where you just write down whatever comes into your head, but I'm too bound by grammatical and punctuational (is that a word?) rules. I have to keep going back and correcting the things I write. I guess that's why she can write poetry and I can't!
@impexp (246)
• China
3 Dec 08
When I was a student,we needed to pass the text of English listening.One of the content was to listen a story and record the words we thought important.Then after finish listening,we must wrote the story according to our records.This is really tough work cause all the words we recorded were not as useful as we thought.Thus few of them could get high score at this test.