do you write poetry

United States
December 3, 2008 1:23pm CST
ever sice i was about 13 years old i have been writing poetry. still have copies of every single one i ahve ever written.. its funny to sit back and read what i wrote then adn now and what i have learnt. how much i have grown.
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@JoeBrat (77)
• United States
3 Dec 08
I love writting poetry I to started writting young and it grew into a passion. Now I find myself moving from writting poems to writting songs. I don't publish any though I have published a few and entered a couple contest. I just do it to clear my head and express how I feel the best way I know how. Take Care,
• United States
3 Dec 08
i had a chance when i was in atlanta GA to have mine published but i didnt do it.. now i should have maybe my words could have helped someone else. but i dont do it for anyone else to read them, though many have been read by others, i write to express myself release what ever i am going through at that point.
@23uday (2998)
• India
8 Dec 08
HI FRIENDS I love writing poetry and I started writing poetry when I was 12.Initially I used to write birthday qoutes but now I can write ppoetry.And I am happy that I won a prize for "on the spot poetry compeition" which was held in my school.It was very nice.But now I dont get time to write poetry.I hope I get time to write poetry and I also love to read poetry. Bye!!!!!!!
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
4 Dec 08
I used to write some poetry when I was in high school. I wrote a few to boyfriends and friends. I have not wrote any in a very long time though.
@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
3 Dec 08
I kind of write poetry but I intend to use them as lyrics for a song but they are essentially the same thing. I love to go back and read all my work because sometimes I'm amazed by it. I hope you get that feeling too because it feels good.