What Are You Best At In Basketball?

@elmiko (6640)
United States
December 5, 2008 12:39am CST
For me its definitly rebounding as I have long arms and big hands. I use to be a really good shooter and probably still am but once I started lifting weights it really threw my shoots off to where I missed much more. I quit lifting the weights for several weeks and my shooting touch came back. My passing is good as well. My defense has gotten better over the years but has been a weak point in my game.
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• Philippines
8 Dec 08
When I was starting to play this game I was an outstanding shooter because I can't do anything else... 6 years ago I cannot dribble, cannot layup, cannot defend and cannot very high... That is why at that time I was perfecting another thing passing and shooting... Before even I cannot dribble well but, they said I had eyes at the back of my head, I was able to do passes like that of Kid and Magic, and also I perfected my 3-point shooting... There was a tym in my league where I shot 7 consecutive 3 point shooter at 7 straight possessions and sunk them all... Imagine a guy who cant dribble and cannot layup score at that game 45 points... But for me I was not satisfied because I'm limited to one area only and I know once I will be defended by more taller guys that I cant shoot well... Plus there was not really a real position for me in the game... So I gave up shooting and started training as a point guard because I know at my height that position is the best for me... Now I can score whenever I want inside the paint but I can go for only less than 10 points but double figure in assists sometimes in rebounds and averaging 3 steals a game... Before becoming I point guard 6 years ago the only stat I got was 30PPG... Now I cannot score like that because no matter how I try shooting 3's I can never sink one even though my mid range jumpers are good... Was I right to give up my shooting skills for point guard skills?
@elmiko (6640)
• United States
9 Dec 08
To be honest I really don't think you should have given up your 3 point shot being that good. You actually worked less and got much more in my opinion with a talent like that. Now your fighting more defensively since you concentrated more on scoring in the paint. Also you said you were a really good passer along with the 3 point shot you were great at during that time. I would rather be scoring 30ppg and working less and getting more since your less likly to face tougher defense beyond the 3 point line. If I was you I would go back to practicing and shooting 3 pointers now that your dribbling has improved.