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@pierone (1895)
December 5, 2008 4:59am CST
Hello folks, as everyday lunch time is coming, and i'm going to prepare my meal. Today i will have "matriciana", and easy and really good kind of pasta. You can use spaghetti, also if the best one is bucatini. The preparation of the pasta should be well known, so i will give you only the sauce recipe here. You will find is fast, and easy. for 4 people you need: 100 gr. of bacon. 1 litre of tomato juice, or 1 kg of "pelati". Extra virgin olive oil. "parmesan" cheese powdered (the italian one, not the fake ones) Put the oil in a pan, and warm it. When is hot put the bacon, cutted in little cubes, inside the oil, and let it cook for a while (till the white part of the bacon is becoming brown). Add the tomato juice, or the pelati inside, and if you use pelati, squish them to obtain a souce. Cook it till it will be quite dense. If you like you can add some butter in this phase, i usually do that. Turn off the fire and let it take a rest ;). In the while cook the pasta (the kind you like more, this souce is ok for quite all shapes of pasta) and 1 minute before the pasta is cooked, turn on the souce fire again. When the pasta is cooked, take out the water, and put the pasta in the sauce pan, add the cheese, mix on the fire for a minute or two. Enjoy it. I go to prepare now... see you
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• Italy
5 Dec 08
Hi, sounds good, also if bacon is not exactly what you should use. But i don't know the english for the part of pig that should be the right one. Looks like bacon but comes from the pig "face" ;) Why next time you don't tell us how to prepare a good carbonara? i love this kind of pasta. Good lunch ;)
@snowy22315 (49037)
• United States
5 Dec 08
CIAO pierone, that sounds like really good pasta. I love pasta but lately I have been trying to eat the whole wheat kind because it has fewer carbs and I don't like dealing with the carbohydrates. I will try your recipe if I get an opportunity.
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