Why do people wear their watches on left hand

December 5, 2008 8:47pm CST
Is there any particular reson for this.It is very difficult to see people wearing watches on left hand.I think waering watches on left hand is more comfortable than right hand.
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@howard96h (11663)
• New York, New York
6 Dec 08
The watches today are run by batteries, many years ago all the watches had no batteries and you had to manually "wind it up" to make it work. The majority of people are right handed and when you look at the face of the watch the "button" that was used to wind it up is on the right side of the watch so it made it easier to wear the watch on your left wrist and you can use your right hand to wind it up. Since battery operated watches came along it doesn't matter anymore which wrist you wear your watch but out of habit most people still use their left wrist for the watch. Now with clocks in cellphones many people aren't even wearing watches anymore.
@ajit25 (1010)
• India
6 Dec 08
Most of people wear their watch in left hand because most of us are right handed, while we work we do many stuff with right hand so it becomes difficult to wear the watch with this hand But left handed can wear watch in right hand without difficulties
@jonesy123 (3950)
• United States
6 Dec 08
Most people are right-handers, which means you are doing more activities with your right hand like grabbing, holding, writing,.... Having a wristwatch means that the hand is weight down a bit more, but also that it can get stuck on something more easily. It more easily gets dirty and is exposed to more wear and tear. If you write a lot, the watch can rub into your skin when your hand rests on the writing surface while writing. Therefore, it's more convenient to have it on the left hand and it's become something people think is the right way to wear a wristwatch.
• India
6 Dec 08
Yes, ofcoure you can see some of the people are wearing the wrist watch in their right hand also. I think this may be purely based on their habit of using their hands.. if the people are having the habit of using their right hand, they used to wear their watch in their left hand, and also those who are having the practice of left hand, most of them use to wear their wrist watch in their right hand only.. And also, since your usages of right hand is more for everything, to lift anything, to take anything, to bring anything and also to do anything, it is very much safe to wear your wrist watch in the left hand.. due to the same reason, the people those who are having the left hand habit, may wear their wrist watch in their right hand. And moreover, most of the people are not at all using their wrist watches in these days, especially after the mobile phones comes to the market.. and also, i used to wear my wrist watch in my left hand only, that too, only in the time of any of the revision test, or any of the examinations timings only, not on regular basis. Have a good day.
@salonga (27998)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
I do wear my wristwatch on left hand. I've tried wearing them on my right but it seems it does not work well for me so I did not do that again. I have been trained to have it on my right so maybe whatever you have been used to then that works better. But there are some who are used to have the watch on their right and they feel more convenient for them.