Do we seek God only when we have troubles in life?

@maapav (730)
December 5, 2008 10:33pm CST
Do you think God gives us troubles as he wants to remind us he is there or do you think he loves us very much and want us to grow more so he gives us troubles.Do you remember God even in happy times and thank him for all that or you only rememer him when we have troubles in life?
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@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
9 Dec 08
Hello, maapav. I do not think that God gives us any troubles. I do not think that he wants us to remember about him either. I believe that we all have free-will and he will respect that. He will respect if we forget about him or if we only ask for his help when we are in trouble. He will respect if we adore him all the time or if we do not adore him at all. That's what free-will is all about, isn't it? We have the choices. I don't think God troubles us. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
• India
6 Dec 08
Yes, i think that every joy and sorrow are given by god. He test his follower trust and faith on him by giving trouble. We the human being r known 4 its greedy. When we get joy, we forget our god who is the almighty but at the time of sorrow and trouble we only pray to god. So every times by giving trouble, god means to say that I m there u can't forget me. Well I am also a human being and forget god at the time of joy but whenever I got time I remember him.
@shiloh_222 (5480)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
hi thre. i always go to God for my troubles and share my day with Him. I just can't go through my day without His grace and protection. Happy mylotting. and have a great weekend
@spalladino (17925)
• United States
6 Dec 08
First of all, I believe that God gives us obstacles in our lives so that we can learn to overcome them, which gives us knowledge, forces us to take risks and makes us stronger. I also believe that He never gives us more than we can handle, even tho it feels like it sometimes. I also believe that He tests our faith sometimes. Do we turn away from Him or do problems make us turn towards Him? I've had to overcome a lot in my life but I never lost my faith in God or my belief in His love for me. I thank Him every night for the gifts He's given to me throughout my life and also for the trials and tribulations which made me the strong person that I am today.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
As far as I know God doesn't like us to have trouble in life. It is in our own way why we are in trouble. And if we are in that situations it was the only time we use to call His Name. He want us to be happy as ever that is why He gave us His only Son Jesus Christ which we are now waiting in this season. But in return do we say thank you to Him in the middle of our happiness? It is ourselves only to answer that. I am as God's child always do that in terms of service to the people He loves, Service to His altar and sacrifices into my life. Even I was in pain I did not regret for being like what I was today. I always thank Him for giving us graces everyday like foods and healthy body. And my family ties together. Sometimes I asked Him to give me some money the we need and He will. But He did not gave me the riches on earth otherwise He promised the riches in heaven.