What's your opinion of a medical doctor who bites his nails?

@lawdude (237)
United States
December 6, 2008 1:13am CST
I am a chronic nail-biter who was told by my elders- parents, doctors, teachers, the school nurse, etc. - when growing up that the habit is filthy and you eat germs, parasites, and all types of crud when you bite your nails, and can get worms. I was shocked today when I visited a urologist who was seeing my wife the first time for a condition and noticed that the doctor had bitten fingernails. Even worse, he stuck in his fingers in his mouth and bit his nails while sitting behind his desk and talking to us. Here is a man who physically examines people, fingers their private parts, takes urine samples,goes in and out of hospitals to operate on and treat people for urinary tract infections and diseases, yet bites his nails. To me, the man sets a poor example as a medical doctor, notwithstanding his impressive academic and medical credentials. Shouldn't medical professionals have impeccable standards of hygiene? I wonder if I am being over-judgmental since I myself am a nail-biter.
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6 Dec 08
Just because someone is smart or educated doesn't mean they are very hygienic. And I wouldn't believe everything I hear from authority. When doctors examine a patient do they not wear latex gloves? I'm sure there are more doctors than you know who bite their nails or pick their butts. If you can find someone who meets your standards more power to you.