Do you know where your kids.....

December 6, 2008 10:22pm CST
Do you know where your kids spend their money? Do you give your children allowance? When your children go out shopping with friends, or spend money at school do you know what they spend it on? How do you know? What do you watch for other then the obvious? When your teens come home with something that they could not afford how do you approach them? I am just wondering for future reference. My parents were pretty good about checking for receipts when they didn't believe me, and questioned me when I got home. If I didn't come home with anything I have a feeling knowing what I know now that they searched through my stuff when I wasn't looking. Right now we currently only have piggy banks as the kids are under 6. When did your child start earning money around the house? I figure when they do something big I will reward them with small change for their piggy banks. Once they have enough for a toy of their choice then we will cash it in and let them shop for it. So we don't know about this allowance thing yet. What do your kids do around the house for you that you might pay them for?
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@lilybug (21148)
• United States
7 Dec 08
My oldest is only going on 9. He does not normally go shopping without me. If he does it is with my sister or his grandma. They pretty much keep an eye on what he is spending his money on. He does not get a regular allowance, but he does earn money sometimes for doing extra things around the house. He is also in charge of crushing the aluminum cans. If he crushes them then he gets the money for them when we get a few bags full. He normally spends that on video games.
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• Canada
7 Dec 08
Thats a good idea for the pop cans. We save ours but then just recycle them, I should look into where I can refund them for money and give that chore to the kids! :) thanks