Do you stalk your friends for inspiration?

December 8, 2008 6:06am CST
When all else has failed, when the Hot topics are stone cold, and the Top topics are bottom feeders, and all your interests are boring, do you go into your friends' profiles and follow their paths through the more interesting parts of Mylot that you've often never visited before? Lash
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@p1kef1sh (45640)
8 Dec 08
Sometimes, although it tends to be a very select few that I follow, stopping short of stalking. Occasionally I have read an interesting response from someone that I have never heard of before and go and see where they have been. That's taken me to some interesting discussions that are completely outside my normal, relatively insular world. I don't tend to bother with the religious area much. I'd prefer to go to church, it's much less pious and smug there!
@p1kef1sh (45640)
8 Dec 08
Yes. He's "tingling" with excitement.
@aisaellis22 (6449)
• United States
9 Dec 08
Hello grandpa_lash! I am guilty of looking to my friends profile to look for the discussion they started that would interest me. I don't really mind if it was started a few months ago as long as the topic is interesting.
@allen0187 (34383)
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
hi grandpa. yes, i do that as well. i just try to keep my brain cells fired up and when all things fail, i find that trailing the steps of your friends in mylot work well. i spend at the most two hours in mylot so it's important that i make good use of those two hours so getting a little inspiration from friends is a great way to keep me posting in the site. case in point, i wouldn't have found out about this thread if i didn't check your profile. i know we ain't friends yet in mylot but we'll eventually get there. lol!!! happy mylotting. cheers!!!
@sharra1 (6342)
• Australia
8 Dec 08
Yes I do quite frequently. Discussions disappear down the list so fast that it is easy to miss them especially if they were started by friends in a different time zone. I go through the discussions my friends have started every day but to find the ones they responded to I check their profiles as that is much easier than cycling through the lists. Have you noticed how the topics keep appearing when you are trying to go through the list of discussions. I find it so frustrating when I go to a new page and see the same ones I saw on the last page and not a new bunch that I have not see before. So stalking friends is a sure way of finding new discussions.