Angry with doctors

December 10, 2008 4:52am CST
Well I bet that anyone that has visited a doctor has been angry with them at one point or another. Maybe not angry but not happy. Well today I have had it with my doctor. I had a hard time finding a doctor for my pregnancy so after calling few this one agreed to see me. I was told it would cost me $50 for the first visit and $10 for all the rest (that is with concesion card). I saw her and paid my $50 and that was 2 weeks ago. Today I got a bill from medicare for part of the cost plus it sais that I owe the doctor another $68 which would make it about $200 well this is the first GP in Australia that charges this much. The other thing is she send me for my Scan and I had to pay $215 (again that is the concesion rate) and from that I only got $85 back. Again this is very expencive considering that I am suposed to get it done for free or at least way cheaper than this. Most mothers I have spoken to said they didnt have to pay or paid 1/4 of that and after medicare paid them it was something like $10 -$20. So I am very angry that she did this. Have you been unhappy or angry with the service provided or something else re. doctors????
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@sunny0806 (248)
• China
12 Dec 08
A private clinic? This will happen in private clinic here. And I never go to private clinic. There are many problems. In public hospitals the services comply with a general rule.
• Australia
12 Dec 08
here You cant go for a general check up to a hospital you have to go to a clinic but most of them a bulk billed but even if its not I wished I was told the corect price before hand.
@riyasam (16578)
• India
10 Dec 08
i do not think you should be angry about this.nobody forced you to go to that particular.some doctors are so popular that one may have to pay through their nose. happy mylotting.
• Australia
11 Dec 08
She is a GP so there is no need to pay that much we dont pay that much to see specialist. And if I was told the real price before i went then fair enough I had a choice but I was told one thing and they did something different. I was told $50 not near $300. And with the ultrasound that is bulk billed and again I wasnt told before hand. For $199 I could have had the scan in 4d.