The breakup and the breakdown (how to move on quickly from a breakup)

December 10, 2008 11:22am CST
What are your methods of moving on quickly from a breakup. I've written this really fascinating article called The break up and the breakdown(how to move on quickly from a breakup.You can find it on my blog it's also on the associated content website as well. It's my secrets to moving on quickly from a breakup, what is everybody else's tricks for getting over a breakup. Breakup's hurt, the disappointment of them can at times be devastating. Usually after a break up i train and train at either the gymn or the park. Because i'm feeling vulnerable, it builds me up and gives me a sense of strength again, like i'm the wall of china or robocop or something. But i noticed the more breakups you have, the more you loose trust in you, that essence of you, those things you loved about yourself.Things you said you'd never change,you start to feel like words like compromise are the enemy, and with all your past emotional baggage you go into your next relationship ready to rebel. Because you remember the breakdown and the exhaustion of your own tears, and the over analysing. i have actually figured a way to get over a breakup very quickly, do check it out on my blog and tell me what you think. But what are everybody elses move on quickly from a break up strategies?
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10 Dec 08
I think the best medicine for a breakup is another relationship even if it's not serious it gives you a chance to move on and think about something other than your lost love. It may not be the best thing but that is what I find that works.