Need Help and Ideas on a Writing Block...

United States
December 11, 2008 7:03am CST
Hello everyone, I'm a writer at heart. several years ago I wrote several poems and stories much to my delight. Then life happened and I sort of stopped. Well I want to get back into it.. and.. I can't. I've tried and tried.. but I have this mental block that I can't overcome. I even have a decent book idea to write, have it outlined, but the words cannot come. I need ideas to help in getting over my block. What works best for you? Heck what gives you the best ideas and helps things to flow? Thank you for anyone that can help. :)
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• India
25 Dec 08
well u need to look or some sort of inspiratoin to get u to start writing again happy lotting and have a nice day
21 Dec 08
I had a block for a few days recently. Nothing I typed sounded right. rather than being just blocked, I was actually discouraged, thinking that most of the articles I write are just nonsensical junk. For me, the solution was to get away from it. I sat and watched a movie, made some dinner, bummed around for a bit in an online game. Then I went looking for stuff to read online: really, really bad stuff. Seeing how awful some of it was made me realise that mine are quite so awful. I also read some really good stuff - that's often inspiring. All in all, I got enough enthusiasm back to sit down and write a couple of very basic articles. Nothing fancy, just enough factual stuff to reassure myself that I could still string a few words together. Don't force it: encourage it, let it come back on its own. :)