did you say problems to your family?..

@qwerty19 (321)
December 11, 2008 9:44pm CST
no man is an island!.. do you believe that?.. if you have problems you have to say it and to solve it!.. the family can understand what kind of problems you have!.. so i think you better to say it to your family than to your friends!..
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• Germany
17 Dec 08
Hi, qwerty. Yes, no man is an island! This is what my father always said to me when i was in high school because i like to stay at home. From my point of view, if our relationship with family is good, then there is no problem to tell them all kinds of problems that we face. You know, some people have family who cannot understand them and totally in bad relationship. If i'm from such a family, i'd rather tell my problems to my friends as they can give me better suggestions and advices. My relationship with my family is quite good, they know me well but also treat me like a little girl. Well, sometime i find they are not supportive and out dated (here what i mean is they don't look for new information, they still stick with the information from the past, most of them already should be updated). However, i still tell most of my problems to them. I don't hide anything from them. Now i'm married and i tell everything to my hubby and he is a very supportive person. He will make the research first and convince or suggest me. This is the way i like. So, i think it really depends on the situations! Happy mylotting and have a nice day.
@shar_25 (1340)
• India
17 Dec 08
I share my problems with my family and some of my close friends and ask for suggestions and help. I have a very supportive family, so at the time of need I get a lot of mental support from them. Moreover being elders, the advices I get from my parents in my difficult period are really valuable as they are mych more experienced and have seen more of life than me. I feel its good to share your problems with someone tehn keeping it all to yourself
@cupcyke (363)
• Philippines
17 Dec 08
i will choose problems that ill tell to my parents because my parents sometimes dont understand it. they easily get angry, they dont even listen to the reason why that things happen. sometimes im just thinking are they love me or what, but sometimes also i feel that they care for me. if i will disobey them, they always says that im their daughter only and they are my parents and a daughter should be place below to parents. thats why i only choose a problem to tell and solve other problem by my own.
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@vanonas (950)
• United States
12 Dec 08
I tell my parents what's wrong when it's something really serious. They help a lot. I wish I would tell them more because I know it makes them happy when I open up to them.
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