Would u join a forum that always has less than 50 people online but earning high

@loxion (1551)
December 12, 2008 5:07am CST
I am involved in different and new forums where the most of the time there are less people but then the earning are much higher than here. What i like is that the earnings are updated automatically after your post is published. Sometimes is boring because then you might find that you are only 10 online and the post are few but when more people come on-line things start to show up. Would you join forums like that or would you rather stay on forums like here where the earnings are low but yet there are lot of people?
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@Porcospino (16630)
• Denmark
13 Dec 08
I am a member of both kinds of forums, and I think that there are good things about both of them. I like Mylot, because it is huge and because there are lots of groups/interests and lots of activity. It is very easy to find an interesting topic here and there are always lots of people online. A small forum is both good and bad, I think. It is good because it is a lot easier to get to know the other members. It is easier to recognize the names when there are relatively few of them, and new discussions don't get lost in the crowd. The bad thing about a small forum is a lack of activity. It is not easy to have a good discussion if there is no one else to discuss with I have chosen is to participate in both kinds of forums. When I post a new discussion on a small forum, I know that it may take a while before anyone responds as there are few people online, so I just post it and go back to MyLot or whatever I'm doing and then I check back later. But if I had to choose betweeen the two options, I would probably pick my MyLot, because interesting discussions and lots of activity are more inportant to me than making a lot of money.
• United States
12 Dec 08
The idea of earning more is certainly attractive, so I'd like to try it, but I wouldn't leave myLot. There are wonderful people here, and the discussions get really interesting. I guess I'd like to check out the other site and see if I like it there.
• Malaysia
12 Dec 08
I guess it depends on the forum's topic and also wheether the forum is legimite or not. Because if it doesn't pay, and you keep on trying to earn and earn and earn.. and all your efforts is somehow wasted, sure you'll have fun posting things. But your effort to earn money from the site is gone.. So if you really have a site that really does pay, and have a few people with an interesting topic.. I'm really up for it!! :)