DSLR users.. do you use 3rd party batterys?

@sameroad (3180)
United States
December 12, 2008 2:18pm CST
does anyone else use 3rd party batterys for there Dslr cameras? whats a trust-able 3rd party battery brand? what has been your luck with it? and where did you buy them? I'm looking to buy one or more spare batterys for my new camera. It's a Canon XS and the original LP-E5 battery for it is $50. which just seems overpriced. I've heard of a lot of people using 3rd party batterys and having good luck with them.. but i can't really seem to target it down the "brand" of these batterys. I know on ebay you can find loads for as cheap as $10 but i think those might be a little risky? I'm not sure as there as so many different ones on there.. and then i have found others else online from $15-25. which is still a lot better then $50.. but i don't know what brand to go with...
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• Singapore
13 Dec 08
When I bought my Canon 350D 3 years ago, I received one canon battery and another third party battery. Before shoots, I would just charge both batteries and use the non-canon battery first. I noticed that it discharges MUCH faster than the Canon battery, and within a year was pretty much useless, it being unable to charge. Thankfully, nothing bad happened to my camera. I have no remorse since I got it for free, but I never trusted any other third party batteries afterwards. Sure the Canon batteries are more expensive, but they last a LOT longer and are more reliable specially during shoots. Granted I may have used the worst non-Canon battery(gosh I really forgot the brand name), but IMO I would not want my precious camera to be damaged because I wanted to buy more batteries for cheap. This is just my POV by the way. Hope it helps, cheers.
@trickiwoo (2702)
• United States
13 Dec 08
I bought my first DSLR used (a Nikon D70). The photographer I bought it from included a Nikon battery and a third party Maxell battery. When he sold me the camera he told me, "From my experience, this battery lasts just as long as the Nikon battery if not longer" I had the same experience as well. I didn't notice any difference at all between the Nikon battery and the Maxell battery. I had that camera for years, in fact I still have it... I just use it as a backup camera. But the battery still works as good as the day I got it. I now use a Nikon D300. For my D300, I've only purchased Nikon batteries. I don't know much about Maxell batteries or any other third party batteries since I've never purchased any myself... only used what came with the camera I bought. So I don't know if Maxell makes batteries for Canons, how much they cost or even where to buy them. But I have had a very positive experience using a Maxell brand battery!
@marsha32 (6688)
• United States
13 Dec 08
I don't really know what a DSLR is and don't really know what a 3rd party battery is, so I am of no help. Marsha
@palonghorn (5485)
• United States
12 Dec 08
depending on when you got your camera, you might check the warranty. some say that the warranty is void if you use an off brand battery, other than the specified brand. i don't trust off brand batteries for things like my dslr, i would rather pay a little extra than pay less and be sorry. sometimes you do 'get what you pay for'.