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December 12, 2008 3:57pm CST
I believe Stephen King writes the best books. They might be a little scary and karzy but I like them. Their the only book I can read in a day and not be bord with it in the in. I have read a lot of books but he my favorite auther.
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12 Dec 08
King's books are certainly enjoyable. His style allows us to read quickly and comfortably. I just wish he were a little stronger when writing the endings. Sometimes it seems as if he just runs out of steam and slaps on whatever ending he could think of in a hurry. Still, I've loved every book he's written. BTW, welcome to myLot. You're sure to enjoy it as the rest of us do.
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19 Dec 08
Sometimes I think his agent just said he'd spent enough time on it, and he has to send what he has!
@loveyevi (513)
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17 Jan 09
I agree with you, he really is a fantastic write, one of the best in my opinion. The only problem with him is he is very long winded and his earlier books and some of his new nes (Duma Key) are very long. Yes, most of the time it is necessary to have all that he writes, but I was not able to get through at least one of his books, because it was over 1000 pages and by the middle I had had enough. This aside, still one of my fave authors.