Are you a cafeteria Catholic?

December 12, 2008 11:19pm CST
I come from a family of devout Catholics. I grew up reciting the rosary and the novena and kissing statues of saints. However, when I studied in a Protestant school in high school and college, I started shedding off some Catholic practices thatI'm not comfortable practicing. That is, I only choose and practice the doctrines that I honestly believe in. My friends call me a cafeteria Catholic because I just pick what I want to digest. For the Catholics here, are you a cafeteria Catholic like me?
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13 Dec 08
I'm not really sure what you mean by "pick and choose," the doctrines. What practices do you find uncomfortable? As far as requirements go, the Church doesn't have a lot. Mass on a weekly basis, confession once a year, observation of the holy days, etc. I'm guessing you might mean dogma, transubstantiation (sp?) being the one that trips a lot of Catholics up. There are positions that the Church adopts that many Catholics find difficult to swallow, most are political or personal. The ban on contraception being a big one, there. Unilateral disarmament is another that gets some people a little upset. Abortion is one more hot-button issue. I've never heard of a Catholic dogma requiring the kissing of saints statues. Praying to saints is something a lot of Catholics do and it is often misunderstood (even by Catholics). I think everyone has a personal experience of the religion they practice. Few people agree with everything in their religion (unless they made it up themselves). One of the challenges of organized religion is reconciling our personal spirtuality with that of the organization. However, that is where faith comes in. Our personal relationship with God is how we find the balance between our personal beliefs and the tenets of the Church. However, I would ask, if you are picking and choosing, are you sure you want to remain a Catholic?