Refer to my previous post... For free online storage-Please help

December 13, 2008 5:27am CST
Dear friends, I need such an online storage which gives 50 GB free like adrive or something like that. Now i what i am doing is - i want to link my files in that storage and that too password protected. I would like to share folder instead of sharing each and everyfile and then linking the same to my blog. Sharing through links is what i want. Is there any way to share folders without registeration like we have the option of sharing files on rapid share. But its just files right. I need such a service which could share folders as well with minimum 25 GB of online storage space. And [plus my files should be safe and secure like an online backup. The account should not be deleted for inactivity of 1 or two months. That is very unsafe. Please share if you have any such site for online storage of DOCUMENTS
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