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December 14, 2008 5:27am CST
Is carrot include in fruits? or no? I was told if carrots can heal eye disease (penyakit mata) like min, silinder, etc but I was already eat it almost half year but I still must use glasses. Or I misrepresentation (keliru) in when I eat it. I want to not using glasses again. give your knowledge !! thanks
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@deebomb (15323)
• United States
14 Dec 08
Hello adhim and welcome to myLot's. Honey carrots are a root vegetable. Carrots are a good source of Vitamin A Which is needed for healthy eyesight, skin, growth and help to fight infections they won't improve your eye sight. The disinformation was started by the British Air Ministry back during World war II. British intelligence didn't want the Germans to know that they were using radar to detect their bombing raids, so they spread the rumor that they were feeding their pilots carrots to improve their vision. Carrots can help to keep your eyesight healthy but won't improve it. vitamin A can however improve night vision. poor vision is more a function of the shape of your eyeball, the clarity of the lens inside your eye, Keeping eating your carrots for the other health benefits. but be careful not to eat too many because they can turn your skin orange. Not harmful, but not pretty either
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• New Zealand
17 Dec 08
Hi adhim, carrots are vegetables but sometimes they are confused with fruit as they are sweet and you can eat then raw. Adhim I am very sorry to tell you that carrots will not help you with your eyes. But don't worry, wearing glasses are not a bad thing, infact they are quite fashionable. I am very-short sighted and doctors have told me that I can eat as mush carrots as I like as they are generally good for my heath but they can not do anything for my eyes. It just a myth that carrots are good for our eyes because rabbits eat them and they can see far away things and they are fast as well but what most people don't now is that rabbits are not humans. What works on rabbits doesn't always work on humans. I wish you luck and hope to have helped helper