what do mean by quality discussions

@gmaxxx (142)
December 14, 2008 1:59pm CST
hey frenz mylot advises to have quality discussions but first what do u mean by a qulaity discussion is it having more content? is it having a topic which attracts most responses? is it having an attractive topic? or is it something else plz define? and do u find this discussion as quality or not?????????????? happy mylotting
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@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
14 Dec 08
Hi gmaxxx. I have seen many good discussions with less responses and silly discussions with tons of responses. People think in different ways so it is hard to give you a response. What I really think is that mylot is a place to share things and ask for some support no matter what it is or about what. These discussions make mylot a good place to stay and the silly discussions give fun and I like them some times. Don't worry about it my dear fellow just post, enjoy and have fun. Cheers.
@gmaxxx (142)
• India
15 Dec 08
thnx buddyyyyyyyyyyy
@meow1988 (39)
• India
16 Dec 08
hey gmaaxxxxxxxx. this is a very good question or you can say a very good topic started by you... according to me a quality discussion 1) the discussion should have a liberal topic to reply to it. 2) the other person who wants should know to establish the criteria of the theme of the topic 3) a discussion should focus on what the person excatly needs to be 4) it should emphasis the topic 5) it should be like aspirants 6) it should hv ability to express your opinion to the fullest... 7) may be some quality discussion also help to establish a good rapport... well these are the imp points tht agood discussion needs acc to me thanks all... bosky
@owlwings (39767)
• Cambridge, England
15 Dec 08
Read the Guidelines, FAQs and Terms thoroughly. That should give you an idea of what makes a good discussion and what things you should NOT post. It will also tell you why some of your discussions may have been deleted and why, for example, your earnings figure can go down (and up). You will certainly get much more out of MyLot if you understand and keep to the rules! Links for all of those pages are at the bottom of every MyLot page.