I can't help myself to always look at my adsense report

December 16, 2008 5:32am CST
I always put an adsense into my blog but never consider it as a tool to make money. So I just put it there to decorate my blog. I ussualy check my adsense report once a month and only got $ 0.80. Last month I started a new blog about job opening in my area, anyway the blog is in Indonesian and I also put adsense into my blog. I just made it because I happened to know job opening for hotels in my area and often tell my friends about it. So I though I would like to help another persons who are in the same industry with me who search for a job. To my surprise, Last week I checked my adsense report and I got $14.20 in my adsense account. Off course I am shocked, hello it's worked! So I read all the artcle about how to put adsense to the best and implement it on my blog. I checked my adsense report everyday and got $ 1 or more each day. Maybe it's not a big amount but I am excited to see my adsense worked. So far I already have $25.86 and I can't wait for it to be $100 for my first payment.. If you have any time to check at my blog it's here www.lowongankerjadihotel.blogspot.com Add off course I am open to any advise after you review it. I am not a good blogger anyway, now I am excited to learn more. Good or bad comment, I want to know what do you think?
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