Can you beat the lousiest professional athlete in his/her own field?

Athlete - I'm pretty sure he's not the lousiest lol!
@modstar (9612)
December 17, 2008 10:05am CST
Like, can you beat the lousiest NBA player on a one on one shootout? Can you knock out the lousiest boxer at the same weight class as you? Can you beat any lousiest professional athlete?
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@onlydia (2808)
• United States
18 Dec 08
No as a matter of fact I can't. And that is what I tell the guy's when there screaming at the TV. But then I don't think they could walk in to my job and do it. with out being trained and years of doing it. So I don't yell at them or even get mad as it is there job. And sometimes we all have a off day. Your friend onlydia
@modstar (9612)
• Philippines
25 Jan 09
Umm.. Can you beat me in Pacman? lol!
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@carinio98 (2935)
• Philippines
17 Dec 08
actually i cant beat them even though they are lousy as a worm. its just that even me is a lousy boy too.