Do you look after your Gums?

@bluemars (952)
December 17, 2008 9:54pm CST
Seriously I never knew that they were so sensitive and that even a hard tooth brush can be damaging to them and can lead them to recede. Anyone care to share their gum stories and how do you look after them and help them recover from disease or damage? I have been hearing some good things about different products out there and also some things about some natural products too. I heard vitamin C can really help in the repair factor of them and biotene rinse too. Anyone else have any other theories they would like to share or comment with their own experience with various products out there?
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@Qaeyious (2362)
• United States
19 Dec 08
I have periodontal disease, which basically is abnormally deep pockets around the teeth that trap food particles too deep to clean effectively. The most expensive and painful solution is surgery, where they cut open the gums and scrape them clean, sew them back up again, and with proper care afterwords the pockets become manageable. I did one quarter of my mouth at the expense of about $1500 and I am still waiting for the alleged results to appear. Sometimes I wonder if it is just an excuse to get as much money as they can out of us. They say we can keep our teeth longer, but really - how many older people have a full set of teeth? Anyone know of any studies? I strongly suspect tooth loss is natural for whatever reason. Perhaps we can keep them longer with proper care, but to have us spend all this money for surgeries and extra deep cleanings ... Other strategies was prescription toothpaste with extra fluoride, fluoride rinses, hydro peroxide rinses, Sonicare, various picks and gouges to get under the gumline and between your teeth. -- and of course, flossing. And yes, I am to use a SOFT brush, and brush at an angle in such a way as to get underneath the gumline.
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@bluemars (952)
• Australia
21 Mar 09
I am so sorry to hear of the cost and your pain with all this. I really recommend that you read up on cure cavities, a guy called Nagiel I think that is his name, wrote a book about how nutrition is the key to keeping our teeth and gums healthy and not fluoride and endless visits to the dentist to make them rich. He also mentions something about being here on earth to overcome our suffering and not the other way around as we all like to believe.
@sivanj (1263)
• India
18 Dec 08
well i know that the gums are very sensitive and needs to be cared. i don't take any special care. all i do is to use soft tooth brushes. also take care that don't brush too hard to wound the gums. well vitamins are a must for everyone, for everyday. so taking them properly will solve many problems. i am no expert and can't give specific advice. well i learn from u vit. c is good for gums.
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@bluemars (952)
• Australia
24 Dec 08
Yes it it great how much we can all learn from each other and be able to take it into practice. I never knew how sensitive they were too. It is amazing how much nutrition can play such an important part in the whole thing. Yes a soft brush is good for the gums too. So I guess I need to look at my nutrition and also be patient as it does take time to heal and get back to normal again.