December 18, 2008 2:27am CST
In what way can we actually make it, that there is actual peace in the world
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• Malaysia
18 Dec 08
I don't believe there will be an actual peace in the world. Actual peace will only be achieved if everybody in this world is willing to sacrifice his or her own needs and only think for the importance of the community and society. Up to now, I can't see any organization or country who is willing to sacrifice certain needs in order to achieve total peace. It is almost impossible to happen. We are human beings and we have needs. That makes us very difficult to sacrifice things which we really need and some of the things we can never be without.
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• India
18 Dec 08
Yeah your right people we need a selfless world
@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
18 Dec 08
Hi there Louise! I think that will be very hard to obtain and the best that we can do is to start with ourselves. It will start by having peace in our hearts, in our family, and who knows, maybe the world will be next. You can do that by sincerely forgiving those who did you wrong even when they are not asking for forgiveness. A very heavy burden will be lifted from your chest and from your life as soon as you do so.
@kedves (728)
18 Dec 08
I think personally one way is for us all to stop thinking we are better than our neighbour and accept that not everyone thinks like us that way we will not want to change them and just accept them as they are, then maybe we can start having more peace through acceptance of others :)
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