Are we being invaded by Teenagers

December 18, 2008 3:21am CST
It seems that more and more teenagers are invading Get Paid To sites. Like 13 year old's want to make a little extra cash for their pocket money so they come online. also some sites will let you join as long as your over 13 year old. Do you think that this is crazy. Or should they continue to grow?
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18 Dec 08
I don't know if that's true or not, but if it is, good luck to them. It might encourage a more entrepreneurial spirit in the younger generation, which is obviously a good thing. One of the great benefits of the rise of the internet is that it's given ordinary people the chance to find ways to earn money independently of whatever job they may be doing, or even if they haven't left school yet. There was nothing like that when I was a kid, the assumption was that you'd either get a menial job or go on the dole.
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18 Dec 08
In my opinion, most teenagers will only try to earn online only if they are really desperate or want something really badly or something. I think most teenagers would rather hang out with their friends, go shopping, watch a movie, or play video games than spend their precious teenage years online trying to earn money. Also, they could probably earn more in less the time by doing chores around the house like mowing the lawn. I think it is very interesting you pointed this out because I had not thought about it before. I think if they learn that there is no such thing as free money or the value of the dollar, then it could actually be all right. However, this is only if they give up on it after a while. If they succeed, it might teach them not to give up or something so in the end, I think it is not as bad as it could be.