egg flavored ice cream?!

December 20, 2008 4:13pm CST
hi guyz!.. do you have egg flavored ice cream in your place?.. :D i just want to share this coz' in our place they made egg flavored ice cream just for christmas?.. can you imagine what it taste like?.. lol..
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
19 Apr 11
Hi kingmax24. I have never ate egg ice cream before. I have heard of eggnog though during the Christmas holidays. I could not imagine what egg ice cream would taste like. I would think that it may taste just like something that tastes like raw yolk. This is a taste that I don't think that I would enjoy tasting.
@SukiSmiles (1998)
• United States
22 Dec 08
Yuck, no thanks. I would not like an egg flavored icecream, but I know egg nog is made this time of year. But I would't like egg nog icecream either. For some reason I never enjoyed the tast of it.
• United States
20 Dec 08
maybe it tastes like eggnog and if it does itd taste kind of bad im not a big fan of eggnog
• Indonesia
20 Dec 08
maybe the taste like ice cream LOL
@snowy22315 (54669)
• United States
20 Dec 08
It probably tastes very much like an egg custard. They are actually pretty good. I havent had one for a long time however. I think eggnog ice cream can be quite good also. I guess that I would like to have many different types of ice creams. I like all of them.