rice .....do any body eat this.........

December 20, 2008 8:22pm CST
rice is a vegetarian food. We can make many dishes with the help of this like biryani, pullao, and other things. We can make the snacks also with this. Boil rice in the water and mix salt and other tasty things in it for the taste. After the cool down of this mixture make small small pieces of this with the help of any cloth. And keep them in the sunlight till then the do not make hard dry. after that you can store it in boxes and when you want to eat them, that time take some oil in the frying pan and fry them. Eat then as you want with tea or coffee. it is your wish. If any body want to know any question about this . please say to me. i will help you as my best...
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• India
21 Dec 08
what is the recipe that you have given here? i know many dishes made out of rice and even i can prepare, but i could not understand which recipe you have written about here. what is the snack called? rice is staple food in our place and we prepare it daily I think you are talking about rusk which is made out of rice. I love fried rice and vegetarian biriyani a lot among rice made recipes. It is easy to prepare and can just do with a single item.