Spoiled child

December 23, 2008 11:21pm CST
My friend has only 1 child and she admits that he gets away with murder. In the past few months he has gone beyond control and they dont see anything wrong with this. We all have kids (in the group) that are same age and I am not saying my son is an angel but I would never allow him to do the things her child does (and my son has mild Autism but we dont use that as an excuse for bad behavour). When people come to our house my son can stay with us but he knows that he has to behave. The other day her husband called my husband to ask him if he can help set up the tent as he has one like we do but lost the instructions. My son was staying with my parents so we didnt take him with us. When we went there her son would not let the grown ups watch tv and was skiping chanels every 2 seconds or puting the same 5 min video over and over again. He would scream and yell all the time so we cant talk. He used a box as a ball and hit me at least 6 times with it (and I am pregnant and now have bruises). He is 5 1/2 years old. My friend and her husband never said anything and joked how he was the boss in the house. After they set up the tent I told my husband that it was time to go home and by that time I had enough of him. He is so over the limit that he has to be right all the time, he has to be first all the time, he tells the other kids to help him bit up my son, never shares toys. And his mum is sort of proud of him. We used to be very good friends seen each other at least 2 times a week now its down to about 1 a month. What to you do in situations like this? Do you know someone that has a child like him or even the parents as its not his fault as much as its theirs.
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