How can one actually achieve Weightloss with Exercise?

December 26, 2008 8:07am CST
There are several people who are trying to reduce their weight and most of the people seem to be doing just that... trying. While a majority of them give up, some of the more determined ones are still at it hoping that one day..., whereas a LUCY few do achieve weightloss and flaunt their new look. Most of the people seem to go through the motion of exercises and possibly try a different diet and later feel dejected about the results. Why? Does exercise really help in losing weight? or Going on a strict diet is the weightloss mantra, or Should one try a combination of both?
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29 Dec 08
Hey Rameshn, That is a very good question you ask, there are probably millions of people in gyms now trying to lose weight and the majority of people if they do lose weight put it back on. So why, in my opinion it is all about peoples phychology and mindset. Your mindset ie your phychology will ultimately manifest how you exert yourself physically and so many people do not deal with their phychological issues before they embark on a weight loss regime. We probably all know someone who has gone to the gym, worked out, not seen any results after the first week and then quit. One of the main issues is motivation, and if people are not motivated there is generally a reason behind this so people need to find this reason and deal with it. One great area of phychological therapy at the moment is cognitive behavioural therapy. There was a group of anorexia sufferers who underwent therapy at Oxford University and the vast majority of them saw positive results. I have included the link to a BBC news report on this study I hope this information helps, any how I have reviewed another no nonsense fitness guide on squidoo, put together by an Canadian Soldier here is the link. P.S If you want to pick up any cognitive behavioural therapy books you should go to amazon you can pick them up for pennies.