Pregnant with a Married Guy But Have A BF Who Wants Her Not the baby

December 26, 2008 3:28pm CST
Hello my lotters. What will you do if you are in this situation? A friend of mine is pregnant with a married guy. But she met A friend online who's willing to have her but not her baby. Even suggested to give the baby to the father while she and the boyfriend will live in a foreign country. What's your opinion on this matter?
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@lovesummer (1162)
• Malaysia
26 Dec 08
I wouldn't leave my child. I think he is not that worth it if he loves me he should accept my child isn't. I would stay with the married guy.
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@spalladino (17924)
• United States
26 Dec 08
I think that your friend has made a couple of bad decisions so far...getting involved with a married man and getting pregnant. Now she's considering becoming involved with someone she barely knows from the internet. I really think that this baby would be better off with two parents who have some common sense. Giving the baby to the father might not be the best thing for the child...I don't know how happy his wife would be about putting the child up for adoption through a reputable adoption agency would be the best decision for the baby's future in my opinion.
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@miamhae (339)
• Philippines
27 Dec 08
Having a child is a dream of most every women, I rather damp them both rather because its mean there's nothing good life be in both man.. Why I say that? because first the father of the baby is married even they separate ten yrs now and you said his even not romantic or let say maybe don't love your friend, why she stay at this kind of man seem no backbone to be a good partner and father. Then her Bf online has offer him a better life but not for her child, what i think, man with a good intention and heart or say love you, he accept anything on you, specially your own child.... How heartless she is if she let the baby in orphanage or in the father without even mother to look for.... And what kind of man her Bf online if he let her abandoned her own child? It show that this kind of man, can abandoned her also anytime... If I'm in this situation, one mistake for having pregnant in married man is enough, I can take care my own child without this kind of man's. Happy new year
• Ireland
28 Dec 08
Hi miamhae, I myself believe that she's better off with the married man or better yet take care of her baby herself. There's nothing worst than a man who claims to love you but doesn't love the person that matter to you the most.