Do you believe in GOD?

December 27, 2008 11:26am CST
hey guys, some people believe in god , some don't ! some people believe that a "high power" is responsible for everything going on in their life, good or bad ,anything . Some believe that everything happens for a reason and they themselves are responsible for thier own actions. Some believe that their fate has already been decided and that they are 'here'(earth) to perform a task.Some people believe that they are the ones who would write their destiny. But then there are also those who believe some of this and some of that ! Which one are you? Do you believe in God?
3 responses
• India
28 Dec 08
yeah i do many times has it happened that has proved that god is out there! n happy lotting and have a nice day!
• United States
27 Dec 08
Without my belief in God, I'm not at all sure I could believe in life. That would have to be the end of everything.
• India
27 Dec 08
I don't know whether the world was created by god or science. But I do believe that there is a power exist beyond science. I have discussed this with many people. Most of them said that god is there. We should interfere in their beliefs. To prove science Big bang theory is pursuing. Let's see Happy mylotting