Which countries have good train lines?

@maximax8 (27048)
December 28, 2008 9:30am CST
The train is my favorite form of transport. Does your home country have a good train system? Have you been on any trains overseas. I live in Europe and it has an excellent train system that is in most of the countries. I have been on trains in Australia and distances are long. Which countries have good train lines?
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@ronaldinu (12454)
• Malta
28 Dec 08
Malta had a rudimentary train system around 100 years ago bu it wsa remoeved because it was not feasible for a small island. I have used the british railways and I found hem good. The leave on time and are adequate means of transport.
@maximax8 (27048)
28 Dec 08
I traveled by bus and by ferry in Malta. I didn't know that it used to have a train system. That is fascinating to find out. Italy seems to have a good train system and it is possible to take a ferry to Sicily and then carry on traveling by train.
• Malaysia
28 Dec 08
I've been to London and the train system there is quite good though it does face some problems every now and then. My home country's train system is pretty bad because most of the tracks are very old, dated all the back during the British colonial age. Some of the tracks are located at low lands and are often troubled by floods. The train here is also very slow because there are just too many accidents every year due to train related issues such as people crossing the track, or cows crossing the track, etc. From what I heard from my friends who have been to Japan, the train system there is one of the most advanced train systems in the world. I'm not very sure about that. I only know they have very efficient train system in terms of bullet train.
@maximax8 (27048)
28 Dec 08
The train fares in England are really high. In London the Underground is quite good but it has different mainline stations like Victoria, Paddington and King's Cross. There are so many different train companies running and the fare system is complicated. I have heard Japan has an excellent train system but fares are incredibly expensive. For foreign travelers there the train pass is good value. I have traveled in Malaysia by train and the sleeping bunks were short, about 5 foot 6 ins long.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
8 Feb 09
we indian have good train facilities within the country and are cheap than buses and many indians travel in trains daily for their day to day life. and i also love trains and want to travel in it because it is very convinient means of transport. and for travelling to other countries ,i don;t prefer to travel in these trains, and we don't have this facility in our country .
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
28 Dec 08
Definitely not Thailand.
@missybear (11396)
• United States
28 Dec 08
I'm from Frankfurt Germany and we used to ride the trains all the time. I used to take it to work also. On the weekends we just got on the train and rode it someplace just for fun. Those were the good old days. Now I'm in Vegas were there is no train and the Bus system is really bad.