would you tell your child?

December 29, 2008 4:43pm CST
You know the story about the woman that had the operation to turn into a man and the had a baby? My 5 year old nephew asked his mother how this was done the other day, she would not explain it to him. I can understand that he is only little and it would be difficult for him to understand, but he really wanted to know. She said "god no, he can find that out on his own when he's older". She said she doesn't want to expose her kids to stuff like that, how intolerant is that! I truly don't see any harm in telling him, in fact, I think the more he knows now, the more open minded he will be in the future. What do you think? Would you have told your kid?
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@RebeccaLynn (2256)
• United States
29 Dec 08
My children asked and I explained it to them but they are older than your' nephew. Five is too young to try to explain things like that in my opinion. How do you explain something that complex to a five year old?
29 Dec 08
you just need to give him the basics.
@wheel416 (1019)
• Canada
29 Dec 08
I myself do not have children so perhaps I you should recuse myself from commenting on this discussion, however I do have an opinion and I feel very strongly about it and so here I am responding. I believe, that a parent should answer any question that a child may have. Of course, the amount of information given should be tailored to the age of the child and their level of understanding, a parent is a child's primary teacher and as such need to answer questions as they come up, whatever the topic. Admittedly, you have hit upon one of the most uncomfortable topics for a parent to deal with, sexuality, gender, values and morals, just to name a few. However, that is why it is absolutely crucial for parents to be willing to discuss things with their children. I believe, that if parents wish for open and honest communication with a teenager, they should begin that process as soon as possible. In fact, right along side a child's verbal and intellectual development. That's just my 2ยข worth. Others are certainly free to disagree, however what ever their personal beliefs are regarding transgendered people; transgendered people do exist and should be given respect simply because "they" are people too. Throughout our lives we all are going to encounter someone with values or beliefs that differ from our own, the sooner a person can learn to deal with differences and diversity the better. Sadly, there are those that will leave this world before they are truly able to accept the value of diversity, and as such, intolerance, and wars over sexuality, gender and religion will continue. The choice is up to each one of us, to choose if we will contribute to a solution or become part of the problem.
29 Dec 08
agreed, if he wanted to know, what harm would it have done to tell him?
@redhotpogo (4422)
• United States
30 Dec 08
i don't really care about someone being "opened minded" people over use that term these days. there's a difference in being open minded, and be frikin crazy. you shouldn't mess with nature. it will backfire in some way. but yeah i would tell them how its possible. i don't see the harm in them knowing.