Do you read for long?

December 29, 2008 4:52pm CST
Reading is the best way to improve on someones vocabulary. some can read for hours some read for less than 30 minutes. I used to enjoy reading while I was in high school, but now I barely read for 30 minutes and I will sleep off. Is it that I am getting older or what?
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• Malaysia
1 Jan 09
Maybe, maybe not. I've read some psychological articles saying that our concentration are limited to a certain period of time. Losing focus after 30 - 45 minutes of reading is rather common. If you feel that you lost focus, it's better to take a short rest before you continue. If you want to stay focused in reading for long hours, I believe what you are reading must be something well written and something that really interest you. Some books are very densed with information, some demands the ready to think alot, these books, no matter how interested you are in reading them, it'll be very difficult to read it for long hours, you'd lose focus in a much shorter period if compared to a novel. Happy New Year and Happy reading.
@tarheel (151)
• United States
30 Dec 08
I do get a chance to read the newspaper each morning before I start work. I also manage to get in about an hour and a half of reading each night when I have a good book picked out. I think it is shame not to exercise one's brain by not reading.
@lynnemg (4539)
• United States
29 Dec 08
In general, I don't have a lot of time on my hands to sit down and read a good book, but when I do start a book, I will either fall asleep reading it, or I will read it until it is finished. I love to read.
• Ireland
29 Dec 08
I don't have much time for Reading etc. I am lucky if I get half an hour to myself after I put my son to bed. If I am not worn out I wi relax and read a magazine or watch a film.