Church or civil????

@Masmasika (1921)
December 30, 2008 8:47am CST
Do you want to marry in a church or you want a civil marriage? They say that it doesn't matter where you get marry for as long as you will get the blessing either from a priest or a judge. For people who are very religious, they prefer a church wedding although it is more expensive but some prefer a civil marriage to lessen expenses. If you are going to marry would you choose the church or civil???
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@vimaal (3365)
• India
2 Jan 09
Hi masmasika, iam a hindu but i like to marry in a church. but i don't know why i feel like this. take care have a nice day.
@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
31 Dec 08
Hi There! It really depends on the situation. Being a girl, I dream for a white wedding, it doesn’t have to be grand or big wedding… I just want to be married in church with my man… People who will be there must be the ones that we dearly love like family and friends… but that will really require a lot of budgeting to do.. so in case, we can’t have wedding in a church, I will go with civil wedding. After all, the most important is that we are married and there are lots of times to get married in the church as we go through life together… hehehe…. Goodluck! Thanks for the discussion! Happy New Year and Happy HOlidays! Cheers!
@Galena (9123)
30 Dec 08
I am religious, and would never marry in a church unfortunately, UK marriage laws do not recognised marriages performed within my religion, so I will have to follow up the Pagan ceremony with a Civil ceremony to sign the legal paperwork. I would never marry in a church, as it would make a mockery of my Oath if I made it to a being I don't believe in.
@mjoy07 (202)
• Philippines
30 Dec 08
church. i guess that a woman want, to be married at the church. practicality speaks, civil. because low expenses, But as to beliefs, church is the best wedding of all, that's every woman's dream.