OMG! My Exams 2 Months Away??? May I Leave mylot???

@Tushavi (2078)
Karachi, Pakistan
December 30, 2008 10:12am CST
Hi to all Well, I am very enjoy here & daily online for hours just for mylot but my Exams held on March & my Mom Daily yell at me & Say "Why you waste your time here???" But I am very enjoying here for Reading & Posting Comments. So Guys I Wanna Your suggestion may i leave for 2 months??? Or not??? have a nice day & Happy mylotting.
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@faizi1 (157)
• Pakistan
3 Jan 09
hi dear well my advice is that, that you must leave mylot because the time which is spend by you here you must give the time to your studies i will prefer first study being as a student . Thank you
@CRSunrise (2964)
• United States
30 Dec 08
You don't have to be gone the entire two months. I would hope that your mom doesn't expect you to study you brains into a mush until exam time. You're going to need a break once and a while. When you're taking a break from your studies, you can come here on myLot and join in the discussions. All you really have to do is spend your time wisely.
@chiaeugene (2226)
• China
30 Dec 08
haha, looks like you are really addicted to mylot. you should tone down your activities since your exam is drawing near and allow yourself to prepare for the exam. in this way you need not leave mylot and can spend about an hour or less daily to keep in touch with your friend. so you can do both together and if you do it well, i think there is no harm doing so.
@spalladino (17924)
• United States
30 Dec 08
Your studies should come first and you really do need to prepare for your exams. I've read that one can only concentrate on studying for about an hour (from personal experience it can be stretched to 90 minutes) but, after that, the information really isn't getting into your head so you should take a break at that time. It's best to get up and move around but I don't think your mom would kill you if you spent a couple of minutes on mylot during one of your breaks. Just don't fall behind in your studying.
@pankil (125)
• India
30 Dec 08
buddy exams are surelu much more all depands on how you prepare for exams....if you study at the end time than you can use my lot now and if study all the time just give more importance to study.....just reduce your mylotting time day by day and start studying!!!
@regal_aeros (2606)
• Singapore
30 Dec 08
honestly, you don't have abstain yourself from coming in here for the full 2 months. you just don't have to be as active as you are now. you might want to log in as and when you take your breaks.. or during the weekends when you're on your "off" or breaks. but i guess 2 months won't affect on your earnings at all ( i doubt 2 months is that long a time to wipe off your earnings.... )
• Philippines
30 Dec 08
Yes you can leave mylot for 2 months it will always be right here where you found it. I left mylot for a year and I thought it's gone but it was still here and so was my earnings. Maybe you can still stay here and just limit your stay like do a few discussions like 5 a day maybe that would work for you. We all enjoy staying here at mylot but there are just times we cannot be here due to personal reasons so I guess you can do what you please and think is right and what would be more fit for you. Good luck on your exams.