We are all Gaza

United States
December 31, 2008 3:24pm CST
So if any of you were wondering, that's what my avatar means. I wanted to start this discussion to urge people to remember the innocent suffering in Gaza right now. No matter what your stance is on the Israeli attack, I think that most of us agree that it is so sad to see innocent people suffering and dying. With it being so hard to get humanitarian aid to Gaza right now I wanted to share some ways that we can all help and encourage other people to also share some ways to help. You could help by donating money, comforters, or medical kits to Mennonite Central Committee http://www.mcc.org/news/news/article.html?id=429 Donate to Save the Children's Gaza fund http://www.savethechildren.org/emergencies/middle-east-crisis/gaza-children-in-crisis.html?gclid=CO6Usajj65cCFQw9GgodzR0iDA&WT.mc_id=x_gg_emer_middle_east_txt_3&WT.srch=1 Donate to Relief International's Gaza Emergency fund http://www.ri.org/Gaza-Emergency/index.php
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