First sleepover?

United States
January 2, 2009 8:35pm CST
My daughter is 7 1/2, and she is having her first non-family sleepover tonight (her friend is staying at our house). She has only ever slept over at my mom's or my brother's, or she has had cousins sleep at our house. She has been begging me for more than a year, but my husband and I thought she was too young, and we really didn't know her school friends well enough until pretty recently. Since we have come to know my daughter's friend and her parents pretty well, I felt comfortable enough to let this little girl sleep over. At what age did you/will you allow your child to have a sleepover with a friend? Would you only allow your child's friend to stay at your house, or would you allow your child to stay at someone else's house?
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@lilybug (21148)
• United States
3 Jan 09
My son is almost 9. He had his first sleep over at someones house that was not family when he was 7 1/2 as well. It was for a birthday party.
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• Canada
3 Jan 09
my daughter had her first leep over at a friends house last night. she's 5 but i felt comfterble cause i've known these people for 3 years now. her little friend's grandmother has babysat my daughter on several occasions and she lives in the house with the little girl and her dad. they are actually my best friends family so i know the whole family really well. anyway my daughter is comfterble with sleeping at other places with out me cuase she goes to her dad's and her grandparents to sleep on a regular basis so she's used to being in defferent beds. as for her having people over here i'm not sure if other 5 year olds are as comfterble, or other mother's comfterble with 5 year olds going. she has another little friend that comes for the day but her mother i don't think would let her sleep over. this summer when she came for the day it was the first time her mother ever let her out of her sight, except for school and she was panacking the whole time so i don't think she'd let her come over. so it's different for everyone. i also remember as a child i started going at about 6 to sleep over at friends houses but i had one friend who at 11 years old had to call her mother to come get her cause she wanted to go home at night.
• Canada
29 Jan 09
thanks for the BR