Another gas leak?

@patgalca (14185)
Orangeville, Ontario
January 5, 2009 10:05am CST
Well, we just received a phone call from my daughter who is in grade 10. Today is the first day back to school after Christmas vacation. For the second time in two months the school has been evacuated due to a noxious smell. It's pretty darn cold out there. I hope the elementary school across the street is taking them all in, though I doubt they can find room for the 4,000+ students at my daughter's school, plus staff. Last time the Youth Minister at our church happened to be at the school and after some time drove my daughter and a couple of other students home. Oops... the kids went back into the school by noon after the fire department gave the okay and I got a phone call that night saying my daughter missed some classes. Won't be jumping the gun this time. It's hard when the school is in another town (20 minute drive) and things like this happen and you don't know what's going on. At least my daughter has a cell phone and can tell me she is okay. My other daughter is in elementary school and can't bring her phone to school with her. I doubt I would hear of any occurrences like this, but the school is only a couple of blocks away and the church is across the street so they house them there during evacuations. But I would have no way of finding out what was going on, OR EVEN THAT anything was going on, unless I went to the school. But I am comforted in the fact that the school has evacuation and lock-down procedures and have done drills in the past. Do your kids' schools have drills on evacuation and lock-downs? With all the school shootings going on (not in my town though) all schools should be prepared for anything.
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