Husband betrayed her Wifre

January 8, 2009 10:04pm CST
I have a friend name Gracious, she opened to me her problem about her husband. The story came like this... Grace and her husband had been living their married life for almost 8 years. They worked together in same company where they worked as a team in a basic life training center. This very new year, her husband bought a new mobile phone (Samsung Omnia) while at home her husband gave her his used mobile phone a sony ericsson. Grace was very excited to accept and used the phone, she inserted her sim card to the phone and the first thing she had opened, is the phonebook. She browse all the contacts and look for her boss mobile phone number that starts with letter R because her boss names is Rose. She pressed the "R" keypad and the cursor pointed to the names that started the letter. The phone displays Rose followed by another name Trisha. Trisha is a friend of both and is a member of the couples team. They went out all together in the city and visited some parts of our area as advised by the training center but sometimes Gracious could not go along with group because she had a part time job from another company. The problem came in when Gracious told her husband that there were some contact numbers still listed that belongs to her husband. Her husband grasp the phone immediately and manipulated the phone then after that her husband returned the phone to her. Last January 3, 2009, Gracious gave Trisha a gift and ask her husband if Trisha was able to appreciate the bag that she gave her. Gracious texted Trisha but she was not able to received a reply even once. When she tried to browse her boss name, she noticed that the name Trisha was no longer found in the list. Gracious started to wonder and suspected. Why of all the names why did her husband deleted Trisha's number when in fact Trisha is a friend of both? And just that time her husband told her that Trisha has changed a new number. Right now Gracious and her husband were not in good terms.... If you'are at the position of Gracious, as mother of one child, would it be rightful to leave her husband and live separately because of that reason?
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• Philippines
9 Jan 09
Gracious must be sure about her suspicions first and foremost before doing anything drastic. Reading the story the husband is hiding something. Maybe there something to it or maybe not. Unless she's sure 100% i don't think she should leave her husband. You don't just give up a marriage on a hunch. And even if its true, consider working it out or going to a marriage counselor before deciding on leaving the husband.