Did your parents do things that you said you never would but yet you do??

United States
January 9, 2009 12:53am CST
I remember when I was was growing up I always thought that my Grandmother and my Dad were way to overprotective and way to overbearing. And I always thought when I grow up and have kids I am going to let them do whatever they want and will never be so overprotective with my children. And then I had kids!! Now I get it. I honestly think that I am way more overprotective than they are. I have a daughter that is 6 and a son that is 4 and I am rarely away from either one of them. If I have to In the past three months I may have been away from them half a dozen times. Oh they are so precious and dear. I worry so much about them. We are staying in a camper right now 1,000 miles away from home and they have bunk beds but I will not let them sleep on the top bunk. It is 5 feet from the floor and has no rail to keep them from falling off. I worry myself to death all the time about things that could happen. Two days ago they were both twirling around all over and I asked them to stop before they got hurt and no sooner than it came out of my mouth my daughter hit her eye on the corner of the drawer. It gave her a good bruise. I am just thankful it is under her eye and it was not her eyeball. I am wondering if there are any of you out there who worry about your children like this or Did your parents do things maybe something different that you said you never would do but yet you do and now you totally understand? Have you ever seen that commercial with the two little boys on their bikes fixing to ride and they are wrapped in head to toe with bubble wrap like 6 layers thick?? Yeah that would be me if I could!! Their Dad saw that and said "You would probably do that if you could." I just love them so much and can't stand seeing them hurt.
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@srijshm (1165)
• India
9 Jan 09
I guess, since we have not had any formal education in parenting, we tend to do the same things that our parents did. I am not overprotective of my son, do lot of things that i am ashamed about. I nag my son just the way my father did, i pinch & sometimes slap him while teaching him. I still adore my father & hope my son will feel the same when he grows up despite my shortcomings.
• Japan
9 Jan 09
ME!! Totally over protective!!! My excuse is that when my youngest was a toddler I had been in Japan for only a few years and had no confidence that I could call for an ambulance in Japanese if anything happened. Unfortually I never grew out of it. My oldest is 17 today and even now when he goes to study group in the evening i ask him if he has his cell phone. I tell him to call when he arrives and what time bus he is getting on, if he doesn't call then I get frantic. My 2nd son is accident prone and also very adventerous. He has broken both of his arms, in our own yard falling over his own feet. After that I let him learn how to ride a bike, I figured that if a 10 year old can break his arms in a yard that is safe how much more trouble could riding a bike be. But again I have rules, the kids are not allowed on the main road, there are no side walks or bike lanes, so they ride around where we live, which is hilly country side. I think with the premature birth of my 4th child I realised that I couldn't protect my kids all the time as much as I would love too. Although I was healthy when I conceived her, I went into labor at just 26 weeks. Through the miracle of modern medicine and wonderful doctors and nurses she not only survied but is very healthy. I do all I can to protect the kids, I give them rules to live by and try and teach them to be sensible but sometimes things happen that we can't prevent. Then we have to trust God and help that things will be okay. Jacks